The Brand

is indivisible part of any advertising campaign, the tool of competitive struggle and promotion of your goods in the marketplace.

The international holding company with offices in Israel, China, Hong Kong, Finland and Russia.
Тhe project of brand for water heating equipment.
Welded plastic-coated pipes DEEPIPE type PERT-AL -PERT. PERT (PE-RT) fittings for welding plastic-coated pipes.
Mast construction. Antenna systems. Production. Design. Installation.
The limited collection under the brand name Setka, which focuses on Russian and international markets.
The online marketplace for professional people who focused on work outside the office.
Technology company that develops products based on synthetic diamonds.
CVD Spark
Brand for home appliances for the home and garden.
Brand for shoes and clothes manufacturer aimed at preschool age children.
Professional system for bleaching and nutrition tooth enamel.
International law and real estate company. Every comma is important.
Company who provides an expert assessment quality of operation for ground elements of space systems and positioning data in the transport sector, both in Russia and abroad.
Integrated GLONASS / GPS monitoring system of movable and stationary objects.
Umbrella brand technological company "Functional Materials".
Functional Materials

It’s become a rule that process of creating the brand is long and complicated when it’s done in regular manner. It is necessary for you to investigate a potential audience, to segment the market, to describe the concept of the future brand, competently pick up the Name for your goods (naming), to develop a slogan, a brand-image … and at last — brand-book — the arch of visual rules of presentation and identification of a brand. Very often such services are on sale «by the gross», and the customer doesn’t left with any other choice, except to spend a significant part of the advertising budget, having paid services of advertising agency on creation of a brand. Whether you in this case receive that, for what you pay, i.e. whether you receive a ready brand? Certainly, no! The Brand is Your ideology, Your strategy, Your future. You and only You — are unique expert in this question.

Our Design Studio

does not sell Brands and Technologies, we simply do the job done well. We only create for you necessary tools, depending on a stage of development of your project on creation of a brand. We do your company’s trade mark more recognizable, we add Emotions to your figures, we transform your knowledge of the market into an Idea.

packing design

When we develop packing design for our customers we offer them an effective tool to grow their sales.

industrial design

We provide professional support of OEM and ODM projects to several well-known market brands of HVAC equipment and consumer electronics.

brand promo

Come and tell us what you want. We will create it for you.

web designs

Success of your company in the market depends on how comfortable, beautiful and useful your website is.

We, as professionals, know exactly what solution is best for your business.


Our graphic design studio specialty is developing effective business solutions.


We offer high-quality, creative photography, using professional analog and digital Canon equipment, with a set of optics for any shooting. We also utilize our own studio lighting equipment.


Our studio can create unique advertising character on your order which will be an additional effective tool for communicating with your customers.


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