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COLOR’d GmbH Russia

Representation of your company on the Internet is the main "point of contact" with customers in the modern world. Therefore, success of your company in the market depends on how comfortable, beautiful, useful your website is.

Developing a website is not a simple matter. We have to begin by defining the goals, objectives and target audience of the future site. What kind your future site will be  entirely depends on them. Will his task to sell something (online store) or it will be a image reflection of your brand (image site)? Will it designed for communications within your own company (corporate portal) or to promote a particular stock (business card site, site of the advertising action)? A lot of options.

The next step of creating the site is a choice of the contractor. We recommend you to take this very seriously. Ideally, the developer must perform the full range of activities to build the site (otherwise you will face with additional financial and time costs at each stage),as well as it should have similar experience with your tasks and enough resources to complete the project in time.

Next, you need to do study of core structures and pathways through the site. where from and what kind of request the visitor will to come to your site? What he should see (so-called "landing page")? What action he will make in the end? What exactly representatives of different target groups should see  on your site? Which sections do you need on your site? How your website have to look like? Must it  be strict or unusual? Does it should contain a lot of descriptions, or it can be as simple as a children's book, full of pictures?

The next step is to design a website. Experienced online designer organically interweaves usability and beauty in their layouts. Design have to solve the problems of the site is not less than its content, it should reflect the corporate identity and presentation of the target audience of the perfect site.

It remains to fill the site with texts based on keywords and your website will be perfect! Register it in the search engines, promote it in all possible ways, keep up to date content and get new customers!

Our studio offers you a turnkey website development. We have vast experience in creating websites from scratch or redesign and development of existing projects. We always work closely with the client, delving into his business and offered products. We analyze the client's competitors, and as a result create interesting nontrivial site that  target customer will not pass!