Bad photos can spoil impression about your product for ever. Certainly, you can photograph your goods on «kids toy» camera by yourself and give photos to design-studio as an initial material. But before using such photos in creation of a breadboard model, the designer should work on them to make them look decent enough, which is not always possible, but will inevitably increase your expenses — time wise and financial wise. Better yet — trust the shooting to the professional photographer and you receive a quality result. But the photographer, as a rule, sees foreshortening differently and some times those visions are not coincide with vision of the designer, which is engaged in development of design of your catalogue and sees a problem in a complex.

Our design-studio offers you «two-in-one».

We carry out high-quality and creative photographing, using professional analog and digital Canon equipment, a set of optics for any shooting, and also studio lighting equipment MARCO TRAVEL NEW3.

Our photographic studio has professional experience of shooting of objects of any size, and also does shootings on customer’s premises, including for our regional clients.



COLOR’d GmbH Russia

We save your time and your money, guaranteeing professional quality of pictures. Besides that, you can also use our photos to develop any other promotional materials, creations of electronic catalogues and presentations.