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When we conduct each OEM or ODM project, we are preparing for step by step instructions, describing in detail the requirements for the final result, in close cooperation with our customers. Typically, each new molding (tooling), each pre-production prototype is under our control until mass production. Also, in agreement with the customer, we go on a business trip to the factory, where real-time, working with the client on the same team, we consistently see how our design project became off-the-shelf device coming down from the assembly line now. This invaluable experience allows us not only to better understand the needs of customers, but also to see is all the nuances of production business processes. As a result, addressing the development of industrial design in our studio, you work not just with the performers, but, first of all, and with like-minded colleagues on the project.

Our studio is engaged in industrial design for the past 8 years. We are provide professional maintenance of OEM and ODM projects well-known market brands of HVAC equipment and consumer electronics. In our portfolio you can find design solutions for these commodity groups, such as washing machines, electric water heaters, humidifiers, and a wide range of the heating appliances such as heaters, electric radiators, convectors.

in creating solutions in the field of ergonomics control devices. For those companies who regularly face the challenge of adapting the design of control panels for local markets, it is one of the most pressing problems. Often, equipment manufacturers, especially from South-East Asia, offer to realize the mass production of standard and extremely unfortunate options for managing devices, ignoring any European trends in the field of modern industrial design. However, the ergonomics of the device for more than 90% of it depends on the quality of visualization of the function package and modes. And, often, properly chosen fonts and symbols, color indicators or design LED-display form the positive attitude of the consumer not only to a specific product item, but the entire brand. Our products speak with customers on the same language from the first minute of operation, and the design of control panels leave no doubt in the European origin of the brand.

In industrial design, we are not theorists but instead practitioners. Our staff regularly visit the largest exhibition of Canton Fair and find the most effective solution among those available in the Asian market of components and materials. it is always necessary to  offer our customers exactly the solutions that can really make a reality.

The area of industrial design does not always include such time-consuming and costly steps like making device from scratch, including a description of the functional and technical stuffing future series and models.

As a rule, the main challenge facing from our customers is to create original, fresh solution to the so-called shell of the device, to make new shape, color and material of the body, the design of control panels, selection of relevant font solutions, the correct placement of graphic accents, including an accent light of operating conditions device.

Our studio has extensive practical experience

COLOR’d GmbH Russia

By combining multiple items into a single unit, we propose a fundamentally new conceptual solution that can be implemented in mass production with minimal financial and time costs. But, in doing so, achieved the maximum commercial effect, because our instruments are immediately become a noticeable accent on the shelves, because their main difference from competing products is a bright personality and a careful attention to detail.