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COLOR’d GmbH Russia

  1. Annual reports

  2. The design of printed materials (catalogs, brochures)

  3. Exhibition stands' design

  4. Design for the mounting of sales' points 

  5. Infographics, icons,

  6. Promotional labels, stickers, etc.

  7. Presentations (in PPT, PDF, Flash, HTML5)

  8. Calendars





The main specialization of our studio is to develop effective solutions in the field of graphic design. Over the years we have gained considerable experience in the implementation of projects of varying degrees of complexity such as annual reports for large commercial and government enterprises, design projects of exhibition stands and showrooms, POS-materials for retail shops, outdoor advertising and transportation, corporate ads blocks for the printed media. By the way, our achievements in the field of graphic design have been awarded by the jury of the Moscow International Advertising Festival. Design Studio Colord was recognized as one of the best in the categories of "Ads for printed media" and "Billboards" in various years.

And, of course, when it comes to graphic design, we can not forget about the printed matter. We are happy to discuss with you the design and the subsequent making-up of catalogs, brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, banners, and even seasonal calendars of any size and complexity of execution.

When we are developing a creative solutions for the next task set by the customer, we're focusing up on the future commercial effect, primarily. Because we are building the right visual communication with the target audience through design, first and foremost. In order to offer you the only true, a customized solution that is right for you, we suggest you start a dialogue right now. As more we learn about the features of your business, as easier it will be to create for you the set of visual tools that exactly meets your goals and expectations.