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COLOR’d GmbH Russia

Our studio can create unique advertising character on your order which will be an additional effective tool for communicating with your customers.

In a rapidly changing, crowded  of advertising messages space you are just need sometimes to find new ways to dialogue with the target audience, people to remember your product at a glance.

What is an advertising character? This is an illustration about the fascinating stories related with your product, that you want to tell your customers. It can be a merry bee adoring honey, which you produce, or a little girl who gladly crunch your brand's cookies, or a large and kind elephant, which can be transported by only your company's truck. Such stories are often memorized better than any form of advertising slogans. And they form intuitively positive perception of your brand by selecting it from the boring masses of competitors.

Try to look at the development of advertising images, packaging or POS materials in a new way together with our team of designers! We promise you that the result of joint work with our studio will not only be an impressive result, but also a great mood. And your piggy bank of marketing ideas replenished by charming assistant - advertising character, who will bring you not only good sales, but good luck to become the mascot of your business.

Promotional character designed for sweets producer (South Korea)

Promotional character designed for television equipment manufacturer crews (Russia)

Promotional character designed for sweets producer (South Korea)